BluePoint Bioscience is committed to producing monoclonal antibodies using only the highest quality production methods. All antibodies are produced using in-vitro cell culture systems and procedures to ensure antibody consistency and production reproducibility. In-vitro antibody production allows the researcher to control and optimize the culture conditions, and eliminate contaminating endogenous immunoglobulin present in ascites fluid. Subsequent purification of cell culture produced antibody is generally less problematic and more consistent.

For complete details concerning in-vitro monoclonal antibody production services that BluePoint Bioscience has to offer, please contact our project management team.

Phone: 301-874-3981 • E-mail: BluePoint@BluePointBioscience.com

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Phase 1: Cell Line Assessment
Cell line culture acclimation and scale-up
Isotype analysis
Static culture antibody concentration determination
Phase 2: In-Vitro Production 30 day run (yield ~100ml)
Continuous cell perfusion system/bioreactor
Antibody concentration monitoring during production
Specific activity testing
Sample archiving
Harvest pooling, filtration and storage
Extended Production
Protein A/G purification
Subsequent purification, >6mg IgG
Cell line stability analysis/verification, stress testing
Serum-free media acclimation and production
Enhanced antibody production supplements

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